Children bear the heaviest burden of viral respiratory illness. An island-wide or international multi-institution collaboration is especially needed to accomplish any clinical trial in the field of viral respiratory tract diseases. This is the grounds that we established the first Taiwan Pediatric Infectious Diseases Alliance (TPIDA).

TPIDA is a collaborative consortium of pediatric institutes in nine major medical centers around the island. We together have already accomplished many joint researches in regard to pediatric lower respiratory tract diseases, and more studies about vaccine efficacy and effectiveness are on the way.

Now in TPIDA, we have about 20 core members, including infectious diseases specialists, virologists, molecular biologists, and more than 30 technicians and assistants working together. We establish different assay systems to promote the pathogen detection system. There are mainly two ways to detect viral pathogens from clinical respiratory tract samples: viral culture in animal/human cell lines, and PCR. Besides these two ways, we integrate the human airway epithelial cell culture (HAE) system and the collection of respiratory virus bank. This unique culture system is believed to be the key of finding novel respiratory pathogen that has not yet discovered. We are trying to establish a platform helpful for conducting clinical research activities for pediatric respiratory tract diseases in Taiwan. 


Ours missions include:

  1. Establishment a productive and efficient research team to solve important respiratory viral infection problems in Taiwan.
  2. Development of respiratory tract virus bank.
  3. Integration of human airway epithelial cell culture (HAE) system into practice for finding novel respiratory tract viruses.
  4. Finding opportunities to cooperate with local or international research institutes and initiate clinical trials in relation to novel methods for respiratory virus detection, vaccine development, and treatments of viral respiratory tract diseases.
  5. Upgrading the health of Taiwanese people by limiting morbidity and mortality from respiratory viral infectious diseases.

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「Taiwan Pediatric Infectious Diseases Alliance」

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