Researches on Hepatitis/HCC: Overview

  • Chronic viral hepatitis B and C, and related liver diseases (liver cirrhosis and HCC) are still major health problems in Taiwan. 
  • After the control of chronic viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and drug-induced liver injury (DILI) will become the next most common etiologies of liver diseases in Taiwan. 
  • We need to solve these important health problems through the conduction of clinical studies. 
  • Investigator-initiated clinical studies/trials as well as noninvestigator-initiated studies/trials are needed.

 What we need?

  • A coordinative clinical research network for hepatitis and HCC in Taiwan, incorporating clinicians, basic scientists, research assistants, pathologist, statistician, epidemiologists and database managers 
  • An effective clinical trial team to support investigator-initiated clinical trial (IIT) and early phase clinical trials 
  • A platform for liver disease database management 
  • Serum bank for future translational research


  • To promote Taiwan liver disease research to become one of the world leaders
  • To accelerate the new drug or device developed by local Taiwan pharmaceuticals for liver diseases
  • To provide clinical samples for future translational research and clinical applications in liver diseases
  • To upgrade the health of Taiwanese people by reducing liver-related morbidity and mortality  

 Contact person/office

Prof. Chun-Jen Liu (劉俊人教授)

Room 630, Laboratory Research Building, West Wing, National Taiwan University Hospital