Special Focuses

  1. Digestive diseases and digestive tract cancers are common (accounting for one-third of cancer related mortality) in Taiwan. All of the members in the Digestive Disease and Helicobacter Consortium had published several important studies in the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive diseases and Helicobacter infection. 
  2. In this Consortium, we enrolled clinical physicians in gastroenterology, surgeon, oncologist and pathologist, as well as basic research scientists and statisticians. This enabled us to conduct clinical trials more efficiently and to improve the quality of the trials. Besides, the trials will be conducted in different parts of Taiwan that will be more representative. 
  3. The cohort of digestive disease and H. pylori associated diseases we established could serve as a platform for future cooperative and translational researches for new diagnostic tests, biomarkers, and novel treatment drugs. 
  4. The research field of our Consortium include
    1. novel diagnostic tests and treatment drugs for H. pylori, including the detection of resistant strains and novel treatment regimens 
    2. novel treatment drugs for digestive diseases and cancer 
    3. novel diagnostic biomarkers and treatment drugs for for digestive diseases and cancer 
    4. other researches and clinical trials in the field of for digestive diseases and cancer