Gynecological cancers, including cervical cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian/fallopian tube/peritoneal cancer are devastating diseases that affect more than 4300 women each year in Taiwan. Although currentmedical technology prolongs cancer patient survival, approximately 1300 women still died from these diseases annually.
To overcome the obstacle of obtaining enough case numbers for comparable analyses in a short period of time, Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium for Gynecologic Oncology (TGOG) was established in 2009.  It was formed by a group of gynecologic oncologists all over Taiwan.  It is aimed to gather the medical centers and gynecologic oncologists all over Taiwan to carry out clinical studies and trials of women’s cancers.
There are 4 study groups in TGOG: the cervical cancer committee, the endometrial cancer committee, the ovarian cancer committee and the novel management committee.  Each committee will have a monthly meeting and will undergo protocols of its specialty.  TGOG also has a Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB), to make sure all the protocols are undergoing smoothly and also secure data safety.




Our Mission

  1. To establish the platform of TGOG by integrating clinical and basic researchers of of gynecologic oncology all over Taiwan and carry out national and international multi-center clinical studies and trials.
  2. To set up a data management platform of TGOG for data capture and analysis and to coordinate multiple bio-specimen banks among TGOG members and help to set up a molecular diagnostic platform of gynecologic cancers.
  3. To encourage the investigators to initiate new drug development, early diagnostic biomarker testing and novel laboratory testing studies for gynecologic cancer by the use of the platforms of Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium for Gynecologic Oncology Consortium.
  4. To hold educational conferences periodically in order to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment of women’s cancers in Taiwan.

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TGOG Principal Investigator: Wang, Kung-Liahng