Infectious diseases remain a great challenge for clinicians in the modern era. To prevent or treat the infections caused by various important pathogens depends on the availability of effective vaccine, rapid diagnosis, and new effective antimicrobial agents or dedicate use of current marketed antimicrobial agents. However, it is necessary to conduct clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of new vaccines, diagnostic tools, and antimicrobial agents to facilitate their clinical application. Therefore, establishing a clinical consortium of infectious diseases is very important and mandatory. Under this situation, we enrolled several microbiologists with specialties on bacteriology, mycology, and virology, and infectious diseases specialists to organize the Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium of Infectious Diseases.


The major missions of our consortium are: 1. establishing a study platform to attract the international, multicenter, clinical trials related to infectious diseases; 2. helping domestic companies to conduct clinical trial to facilitate the marketing of new products related to infectious diseases; 3. supporting the investigator-initiated study programs related infectious diseases. 

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