“Taiwan Clinical Trial Consortium of Cardiovascular Diseases (TCTC-CVD)” is a non-profit research alliance focusing on cardiovascular disease research and clinical trials. We have 2 major branches: one for lipid and atherosclerosis-associated, another for hypertension-associated cardiovascular diseases. The purpose of TCTC-CVD is to share the clinical data and research achievements. The vision of TCTC-CVD is to make Taiwan to be one of the leading countries for the international lipid, hypertension, and atherosclerosis--associated cardiovascular disease clinical trials and new drug application, which aims to provide the patients with newly available diagnostic or therapeutic methods in light of the up-to-date new diagnostic or therapeutic developments. The goal of TCTC-CVD is to share among all members the integrated clinical database, bio-specimen and biomarkers, and to initiate and perform researches or clinical trials. 


The major tasks of TCHC are (1) to serve as a platform sharing the clinical trial related data and information for cooperative and translational researches for new diagnostic tests, biomarkers, and novel treatment drugs or diagnostic tools for lipid, hypertension, and atherosclerosis-associated cardiovascular diseases; (2) to promote the international research collaboration, to hold the international symposiums and to provide the members with the information and opportunities for participating in the international clinical trials.

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